Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

What is PSED


How do we help people reach their potential?

What do we need for our personal, social and emotional development?

At Wiston Lodge, we believe everyone should have experiences and support in order to develop social skills, a willingness to learn and a positive sense of themselves and of other people.

We do this by using experiential learning, delivered through Outdoor Adventure Activities, Nature Connection or Music & Arts.

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How We Deliver PSED

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PSED Flowchart

This is how we bring Curriculum for Excellence and the Six Core Empowerment Skills together via Experiential Learning. Using our Delivery Methods (Outdoor Adventure Activities, Nature Connection, Music & Arts), we can then create a tailored programme that will deliver tangible improvements in Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

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Outdoor Adventure Activities


At Wiston Lodge we have a wide range of Outdoor Adventure Activities that we use to deliver Personal, Social and Emotional Development programmes or to reinforce your personal objectives. Our qualified and experienced facilitators ensure that you have fun, learn from our activities, and above all stay safe.

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Nature Connection


Working outdoors has the power to transform people’s lives, as they learn new skills in the midst of our beautiful 52-acre estate. Programmes are designed to be experiential (learning by doing), fostering an appreciation of the great outdoors and a recognition of our effect on the natural world.

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Music & Arts

Participants at Tinto Summer School

Wiston Lodge has had a strong connection with music and arts for many years - The Tinto Folk Festival was held here from 1995-2001. This helped us appreciate the value of the arts as a developmental tool in education.

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