Wild Times in the Wiston Woods!


The recent Easter Holiday Programme was a great success with woodland wide games, fairytale fantasies and climbing capers here at Wiston Lodge!

We worked with approximately 40 children over the course of the week, making sure they had safe, fun learning opportunities in the outdoors.

The Bumble Bees (5-7 year olds) had a busy week searching for dragon's treasure, living as Native American Indians, helping Superheroes, foiling Pirates and seeking for the wee folk in the Fairy Dell!

The Otters (8 years +) went native and spent most of the week living like our ancestors in the ancient woods, only returning at 4pm everyday to be collected by their parents! They discovered new skills such as Green Wood Working, Climbing and Survival Skills.


There were many familiar faces on the Easter programme and it was great to have them back! It was also lovely to welcome in newcomers to the experience. Hopefully they will return in the summer....

Once again our volunteer assistants proved themselves to be invaluable, helping to keep the children safe, happy and engaged. To find out more about what the volunteers got out of it, check out our YouTube video:


We are now actively recruiting volunteers (16+) for the summer holiday programme, as well as general Wiston Lodge volunteers. Anyone interested should contact: Contact us

Want to find out about the Summer Holiday programme and book your child’s adventures? See:  http://www.wistonlodge.co.uk/events/activities/summer-holiday-adventures-2013

N.B. The Holiday Programme is still a relatively new Wiston Lodge venture and we are constantly reviewing our work to ensure best practice and quality for all. If you would like to feedback to us about your child’s experiences, we would be happy to hear from you. Email: Contact us