Volunteers! You can Bank on our support!


Wiston Lodge receives invaluable volunteering development grants from the Bank of Scotland Foundation and the Clyde Wind Farm!

Hot on the heels of the Vodafone Foundation’s World of Difference funded placement, which investigated the volunteering journey at Wiston Lodge, this local social enterprise has again been successful in attracting funding to support the invaluable work of its hard-working volunteers.

The Bank of Scotland Foundation’s Volunteering Grants Programme will fund a part-time Volunteering Development Worker for a year. Based at Wiston Lodge, the worker will liaise between the centre and the local community, encouraging new volunteers to engage and strengthening local ties.

S/he will refine the volunteering experience, as per the recent development report, including the introduction of a volunteers’ Welcome Pack, the implementation of closer support and supervision of all volunteers and the establishing of more opportunities to reward and celebrate volunteers’ achievements.

In addition, a grant has been awarded by the Clyde Wind Farm Community Fund to recruit, train, equip and develop opportunities for local young adults to volunteer at the Lodge, particularly as youth leaders on the Children’s Holiday Programme.

The organisation is very excited about these recent successes, which will enable the charity to reach out to more local people, providing them with opportunities to learn, develop and grow through volunteering.

Wiston Lodge is currently recruiting for the post. A Job Description, including a Person Specification and Terms and Conditions, can be found here, on the VASLan website or by emailing Kerry on Contact us