Tullochan's Future Choices project returns for residential


17 young people from Tullochan’s ‘Future Choices’ project took part in a three day residential at Wiston Lodge to complete their ‘John Muir Award’.

The young people started off the residential by exploring a wild place. They took part in activities such as a pond dipping, burn exploring, an insect hunt, a bit of wildlife spotting, they also took part in a scavenger hunt where they had to look for natural items that were, fluffy, sharp, rough, soft and something that made a noise. The young people enjoyed the activities and found things that they had never seen before. The young people then helped Wiston lodge conserve a wild place over 2 full days by flattening the land, digging up roots and tree stumps and cutting back the foliage to make a path through the forest to the pond area.

They then covered the land with wood chip to complete the path. The young people flattened a square of land and put in log curbs to create an observation and picnic area. They also made a dead hedge by putting posts in the ground then weaving old cut down trees and branches through the posts. In the evening the young people learned about John Muir, and the importance of conservation. They then played games, had a bat hunt and sat by the fire telling ghost stories until it was time for bed each night.

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The residential was a great success and the young people really enjoyed their time at Wiston Lodge. We stayed in the house over our 3 day residential which was welcoming, comfortable and relaxing after a hard day at work. The food was outstanding and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Micah and Marc the instructors worked well with the young people and taught them some new skills while conserving the pond area. The young people worked very hard and have learned about John Muir, they have gained a love of the outdoors and appreciation of wildlife. This was certainly an experience they will never forget and hopefully will encourage them to be environmentally friendly in future.

Staff Quote:

‘We have visited Wiston Lodge on many occasions over the last few years and will continue to use them as a venue and for activities in the future. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and work well with our young people giving them an happy memory and life experience that they will carry with them through their life.’

Amanda Black, Future Choices Co-ordinator

Parents' Quotes:

‘My son had never been away from home before and I was very proud of him for taking part in this residential. He had a great time and was very proud of himself as this was a huge achievement for him’

‘Many thanks to all the staff who organised the residential. My son thoroughly enjoyed all the activities over the 3 days’

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