Tempting the Tastebuds


If you love food and love cooking then a clay oven will take your experience to another level.

If you have never eaten a pizza cooked at 350°C for 1 minute in a clay oven – you have never eaten a pizza! Just imagine a thin, crispy, slightly smoky base covered in hot melted cheese, olive oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, dried cured sausage, smoked ham, anchovies…do I need to continue? How about loaves of hot bread cooked to perfection, cracked open and smothered in real butter or a large joint of lamb or pork belly cooked slowly over several hours in the oven’s residual heat and then falling off the bone when you serve it. I think you get the picture. Cooking in a traditional clay oven is wonderful; it feels different and definitely tastes different.  Tempted?  Get in touch if you’d like the experience