Storm rocks Wiston Lodge


The recent Storm that affected Scotland had major impacts on Wiston Lodge.

Wiston Lodge was battered on the 5th of December by 142 mph winds. This caused massive damage to the estate including the forest as many trees were damaged and pulled from their roots. Work on the damaged Estate began immediately however on the 17th of December work commenced on the dreaded tree that staff and volunteers appropriately named “The tree of doom” due to its large size and dangerous capacity, as it was only being held up by another tree and was very close to a road. Micah, Gene, Rik, Paul, Danny and Stu all played a vital part in bringing down the “The tree of doom”. Micah climbed the tree while Rik, Paul, Danny and Stu made sure everything was safe whilst supporting Micah with the ropes and pulleys. Gene then chopped it down using a chainsaw which resulted in a rapturous applause and cheering by all involved. Wiston Lodge is now beginning to get back to its original state and continues to welcome guests from all over Scotland and the World.