New volunteers at Wiston Lodge

Craig Halliday

A new start for Wiston lodge as media and marketing become more important.

Craig Halliday, the new volunteer from Bellshill was chosen as the most suitable candidate by Wiston Lodge. He states "I am very happy to be chosen as this comes as a great opportunity to increase my skills in media and marketing and hopefully will help Wiston Lodge in the process".

Craig is currently studying business management at UWS Hamilton, which he is in his honours year. He suggests "I was very impressed with what Wiston Lodge had to offer; the grounds are picturesque and the activities available on site look very fun."  He continues " The staff have all made me feel very welcome, which has made my integration into the company so much easier."

It is Craig's job to gain new business through the use of social media and other marketing techniques as well as promoting events and keeping the website current and informative. Craig states "I have a lot of responsibility at Wiston Lodge which excites me as I feel I can use my skills to increase the awareness of Wiston Lodge."

The current project that Craig is focusing on is spreading the word about the festive meal, and is also very excited about the Burns supper that follows on the 24th of January 2014. He suggests “The events that are happening in and around Wiston Lodge in the next few weeks are very exciting. The festive meal looks delicious, plus the atmosphere is said to be amazing.”