New Patrons for Wiston Lodge

Introducing two new patrons for Wiston Lodge.

Dennis Canavan has kindly agreed to become a Patron of Wiston Lodge. His interests and experience are very much in tune with our core charitable purposes.  Currently Convener of  Ramblers Scotland,  Dennis has many sporting interests, has run over a dozen marathons and he chairs Falkirk Football Community Foundation.  He was MP for West Stirlingshire and then Falkirk West, before being elected to the Scottish Parliament as Independent MSP for Falkirk West. Prior to entering Parliament in 1974, he was Assistant Head of Holyrood High School in Edinburgh.  His interest in young people is reflected in his campaign to abolish corporal punishment in schools and the Dennis Canavan Scholarship in Falkirk  to encourage young people to further their education and to use their talents to support others. His membership of  CND and his interest in conflict resolution also fit in with Wiston Lodge’s mission.


Scottish singer and songwriter Karine Polwart draws from folk music’s long tradition while keeping pace with the ceaselessly changing times. Her talent for crafting unique, enduring melodies, her gift for saying just enough without overstating her case, the range and dynamism of her arrangements, all come together in songs of powerful contemporary relevance. She is a former philosophy tutor in schools and worked for several years with national domestic abuse charity Scottish Women's Aid. Karine's association with Wiston Lodge began in 1999, when she performed at Tinto Festival with Scots-Irish band Malinky. Since then, she has twice been a tutor at the Tinto Summer School for young folk musicians.