Mark Tanner's Breadmaking Weekend At Wiston Lodge

The breadmaking weekend was an experience to delight all the senses.


Listening to Mark's clear and informative instructions and the conversation between him and his students.

The feel of the dough as it came together and as we kneaded it.

Seeing the dough rise and prove.

The wonderful smell that wafted from the ovens.

The unbeatable taste of fresh bread with butter and homemade jam.


The bread making weekend was a wonderful experience, every aspect was a pleasure. As Meg said, breadmaking is a mindful experience, a process to become absorbed in both mentally and physically. It was a joy working in a kitchen that was a kitchen, (unlike in my home where it seems to be a holding area for everyone's discarded stuff) as was having time in-between the processes to relax and enjoy Wiston Lodge, to look at Marks bread making and cookery books or just to sit and look or think. Ewan's lovely lunches were a treat. It was good spending time getting to know one another so that acquaintances became friends.

Hopefully the fantastic course will be repeated and I would recommend it to everyone, it could be followed by other such delightful weekends, I look forward to the endless possibilities,  Meg's Marmalade Masterclass, Ewans Pastry and Puddings and maybe Amy's Garden Workshop.

Thank you Mark and Meg


by Sue Kekewich