Holyrood comes to Wiston!

Local MSP visited Wiston Lodge on Wednesday.

Aileen Campbell (MSP for Clydesdale) held her Advice Surgery here at Wiston Lodge. We took the opportunity to discuss some issues of interest to Wiston Lodge

Keith Brown MSP (former Minister of Skills and Lifelong Learning) introduced a guidance paper called ‘Curriculum for Excellence and Outdoor Learning’. This study recognises that the outdoor environment has massive potential for learning. Aileen hopes that this guidance paper will help us to attract more primary schools to Wiston Lodge for residential learning experiences.

Meg Beresford brought up the issue of the Clyde Wind Farm. Due to be completed and operational by April, this deadline has slipped. As a result, the community funding has also been delayed. Aileen has kindly offered to see when this is likely to be available, as we are hopeful that we can make applications soon for various areas of our important work.

Jonny Sutherland is currently investigating options for a Biomass heating system. This will improve Wiston Lodge's longterm sustainability and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Aileen has agreed to lend her support to our funding application, which we plan to make as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Aileen had just enough time for a quick tour of the grounds, and an opportunity to meet one of our groups, Dumfries Youth Issues Unit, who were out on the High Ropes challenge course. The group leaders gave Aileen accounts of the success of their programme, aided by many visits to Wiston Lodge.