Covey Befriending's Wiston Adventure


COVEY BEFRIENDING were once again delighted to return to Wiston Lodge last weekend for some outdoor adventure.

COVEY, based in Hamilton and Lanark continues to work throughout South Lanarkshire with local young people experiencing difficulties in their lives. With support from volunteer befrienders, young people are engaged in opportunities, activities and events which help increase their confidence, self worth and ability to deal with life’s challenges.

Whilst in the main COVEY’s service focuses on a one to one befriending model, experience has identified that a group option for some young people enables them to have a better understanding of relationships and group dynamics whilst helping decrease their isolation and inability to socialise.

Over the last 6 months the groups have met on a weekly basis and enjoyed a variety of activities including cooking, graffiti art, junk drumming and skateboarding.

In the last year Covey has had involvement with Wiston Lodge and their staff who supported a residential for 10 young people followed by the fantastic “Everest Challenge”.  Both opportunities have been a highlight in many of our young people’s lives and something they have reflected on since.

Although some of the kids have a love of indoor activity spending many hours on an x box, play station and face book which can limit their opportunities, their passion for the outdoors has been unleashed by their time at Wiston Lodge.  A combination of archery, high ropes and football helped young people, volunteers and staff increase their confidence and skills in an idyllic setting. The group were inspired by instructor Stobie’s  passion and self belief which encouraged everyone  “to go the extra mile” to reach their potential.

And as for the Sunday lunch.... we will definitely be back!

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer befriender, please contact the  COVEY team, on 01698 8904013 or e-mail Contact us