Challenge by Choice

12ft wall

What is 'Challenge by Choice', and why is it so important to the Wiston Lodge experience?

When you use us to provide an outdoor programme for your group of young people or adults at risk then you will be getting some of the most experienced Instructors in this part of Scotland delivering Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) through Experiential Learning – ‘learning by doing’. This may take the form of:

Outdoor Adventure Activities consisting of lawn games, teambuilding and problem solving activities, climbing wall, high ropes course, canoeing and raft building in the pond and much more.

Nature Connection comprising of:

  • Wilderness Craft; shelter building, friction fire lighting, campfire cooking, water purification,  stealth walking, nature awareness activities
  • Conservation projects; creating wildlife habitats, building footbridges, coppicing some woodland, planting willow thickets
  • Gardening; using organic practices, sowing seeds, weeding, tending, harvesting for the table in the Lodge.

All of these activities have the ability to Challenge the participant and take them out of their comfort zone.  If it stretches them, that is a good thing and forms the basis for development to take place; however if it goes further and takes them into their panic zone this can be detrimental.  We understand this and therefore operate a ‘Challenge by Choice’ policy whereby the participant makes their own choice to attempt an activity.  This is very important as it means that when they achieve something they have done it themselves and any change is as a direct result of their own decisions. They have made an empowered choice about their learning. Team members and staff can and will encourage them to attempt things they don’t think they can do.  We aim to build a strong team that will offer trust and support to all members so that they can achieve their goals.

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