Active Life Club Teambuilding Visit

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Wiston Lodge recently hosted the Active Life Club for a weekend of exciting team-building and confidence development

Active Life Club (ALC) is an organisation run by a number of volunteers who provide a range of recreational, diversionary and physical activities for young people from the Southside of the Glasgow. The club runs a number of activities ranging from:

  • Issues based workshops and sessions
  • Personal development opportunities
  • Coaching and Mentoring young people
  • Creating young leaders and Role Models
  • Developing Employability Skills
  • Regular sport and recreational activities
  • Development of peer education programmes
  • Outdoor programmes
  • Sports competitions
  • Community events

ALC Youth mentoring initiative; developing young leaders programme have been working with Young volunteers over the years. It is the right time for trained young mentors and role models to enhance their skills and develop other young people to become potential young leaders

This programe was tailored to deliver PX2 motivational programme combined with outdoor team development activities. This provided an excellent opportunity for putting theory into practice. PX2 learning developed a mindset of “If it be it’s up to me” , young people excelled in outdoor activities and worked as a team to overcome fear and achieved difficult tasks.

This residential was led by young mentors from the Active Life Club, facilitated by ALC group leader Raza Sadiq, and experienced trainers from Wiston Lodge. Team of 16 Participants including 14 young people age ranges 14 to 24. This was a self-catering trip in cabins which provided unique opportunities for many to experience, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner etc. Imagine spending a weekend without TV, WIFI and without family.

“Wiston Lodge team was fantastic from initial inquiry to successful completion of the residential. I definitely recommend this venue as all young people can’t wait to go back”

Raza Sadiq

This approach also complements the role of the club in expanding its levels of volunteer’s engagement and the development of volunteers to learn new and enhance existing skills.

We recorded a video diary; all young people were upbeat and vocal on the success of this residential.

“This was an excellent opportunity for the young people to build leadership and team-working skills within the safe environment of Wiston Lodge. The support provided by the staff was excellent and they were always on-hand to answer any questions. I would definitely recommend this venue.”

Osman Mehmood, first young volunteer and vice chair

Check out some photos of the visit here.