Volunteer at Wiston Lodge

Over the years we have welcomed volunteers from around the world who help us achieve our mutual aims by maximising the use of their own skills.  We are a friendly and supportive staff team some of whom live in the Lodge and in the cottages on the Estate.   We offer volunteers full board, laundry, wifi and a community in exchange for mutually agreed work within the Lodge or the Estate and we can guarantee you an unforgettable experience and in some cases even life changing.

At present we need all volunteers to spend two days in housekeeping, the main interface with our guests, and for the other three days you can choose where you wish to apply your skills or learn new ones. These areas are the grounds of the estate, the garden, a building project, the kitchen or shadowing an instructor working with a group.
Apart from short term positions we specifically require long term volunteers to work in housekeeping, a cook in the kitchen or to help with the construction of a Tipi Camp complete with composting toilet etc. The housekeeping and construction positions for winter 2010/2011 and the kitchen for all or part of the busy season March to November 2011. Please read the reviews below and if you would like to discuss your skills and needs just give us a call/email. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are a member of HelpX, you can view our HelpX listing.