pathOne of Wiston Lodge's major attractions is our outdoor space. Our 52-acre estate consists of a wide variety of woodlands, with a large campsite and a productive vegetable garden.

The scale of our estate allows us to offer a wide range of environments. Some of these are described below:

  • Policy woodlands. These woodlands, surrounding the main house, consist of interesting and exotic trees and plantings. This creates a beautiful area in the immediate surroundings of the main house.
  • Regenerating woodland. This area is undergoing natural regeneration, with pioneer species and some native broadleaf planting. An ideal place to demonstrate the natural environment, possibly as part of the John Muir Award.
  • Plantation woodland. We have three plantations: An area of Sitka Spruce which provides firewood and building material, a larch plantation approaching maturity, and a mixed plantation of young larch and ash trees.
  • Vegetable garden. Our organic vegetable and herb garden provides food for our guests and a great environment to learn about food growing.