Meteorology for the Outdoors: One Day Course

24 November 2012 | 10:00AM - 4:00PM


The weather affects everything we do in the outdoors, from sailing and paragliding, through mountaineering, paddlesport to rambling and gardening. It can make the difference between having a fantastic day and a total epic. Taking part in this one day course won’t guarantee that the sun shines on you, but it will teach you about where to obtain a forecast from, how reliable it’s likely to be, how to modify that general forecast to suit your location, and most importantly how to modify that forecast based on what you can see.

Cost: £50

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The course is being facilitated by George Fell, a highly enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable professional. After completing a physics degree, specialising in atmospheric physics, George spent 3 years working as a meteorologist for the British Antarctic Survey, including a 2½  years stint on an Antarctic Base, before spending a further 3 years working for the Met Office as a weather forecaster.  This involved working on operational RAF bases, for civilian clients such as the BBC and writing the mountain weather forecast for Snowdonia. For the last 8 years George has been working full time in the outdoors, kayaking, mountaineering and occasionally paragliding, experiencing the weather he used to forecast!

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